Diy Pouch-How To Make A Pouch From A Placemat

This post may contain affiliate links.   My daughter has been working on getting her recorder belt level up in school and she is now aiming for her purple belt. Last year, I made a felt pouch for her recorder and it is now looking so ratty that she asked me to make  new one for her. I

Diy-Learn How To Make A Wedding Monogram

I wanted to make a wedding monogram gift for a good friend of mine who recently got married. She got married back in our home country and is now back in town. So the wedding is over but hey I can still give her and her hubby a gift as an expression of my joy

Hand Made Valentine Gift Diys

    Whoah! January sure came like a flash. It’s February and almost Valentine’s day and I’m thinking to myself as always, how did that go by so fast. Like how my eldest daughter is now a teen, really?! Is there a way to be ever so present and truly know every tick of the

Learn How To Ikea Hack- Paper Organizer DIY

  It finally hit me that I should really pay attention to organizing my specialty paper, construction paper and printed paper that I have in my craft area. It is sorted but they are lying in pathetic and all bent and worn out cardboard boxes. Along with organizing my paper stash, I also have been

Wedding Gift Diy For The Bride And Groom

This post may contain affiliate links.   My husband and I attended a wedding recently and I made a diy a gift that I believe was thoughtful. We did have a gift for the couple but I still wanted to give them another gift that I did myself. So I made a framed chalkboard that

Christmas Ornament On A Ribbon Diy

This post contains affiliate links.   There are so many ways to decorate our homes for Christmas and there is another way I know how that you can make and create your own ornament. I think you’ll agree with me on this, that the Christmas season is just the best time to adorn every corner

How To Turn Your Candles To A Christmas Decor

This post contains affiliate links.   Candles always give that cozy warm feeling especially when they’re lit up, right. I guess that’s why it is a staple home decor. But you can change up the look of your candles and turn them into a Christmas decor this season. It is super easy and oh so

How To Make A Christmas Table Runner From Placemats

This post contains affiliate links.   Can I let you know again that Christmas is my fave season! At this time of year, snow should have fallen here in Winterpeg, oh I mean Winnipeg. It’s cold but no sign of snow and I am delighted! Even with the heater on, I always feel cold and

Christmas Centerpiece-Materials All From The Dollar Store

  This post contains affiliate links. Christmas is my ever favorite holiday.   I can never outgrow from this so I predict this will be my favorite forever. I love that fact that this season is a long one where I was born and raised, the Philippines. My home country is a tropical one and

Fabric Swatch For Throw Pillows

    You know those fabric swatches that are bound and are used to showcase a textile company’s  designs, you can use those to embellish a plain throw pillow cover. When I made a stop at Arts Junction here in Winnipeg, I saw several beautiful fabric swatches and I got a couple of them. Arts