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I am stoked you found my blog!

Here I will share tutorials on DIY projects, crafts and home inspirations/ decor that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Budget friendly and inexpensive do not have to equate to inferior and ugly. From trash to plush…from drab to fab… from oh-my-gosh (in a disgruntled tone, nodding the head from side to side) to oh-my-gosh (the ecstatic tone, big wide eyes and gaping mouth).

Oh yeah! Be frugal and thrifty in style. I love visually appealing stuff that I do not have to pay a fortune for so transforming an object to something new is like a jump for a base jumper, giant waves to a surfer or open terrain and steady wind to a snow kiteboarder. In other words, I get a real kick out of it so if you are like me, you found yourself a home. Welcome to Fancy Momma!


I hope to inspire you to make and create.



You will discover you can make lovely stuff or even turn an old item of yours, just dusting away in your home, to something fabulous and useful. When you look at an object, do not instantly see U-G-L-Y, try to see potential. You can upcycle and re-purpose right in the comfort of your own home by following my tutorials.



You CAN make and create. Some of you just need an idea and you’re good to go. For some, you might think you have to be artistic or creative to actually create stuff but what you only have to do is follow instructions and tada, you’ve done a craft or DIY. I hear this a lot from friends “but I’m not an artist like you.” That is where I come in then. I break down projects step by step so you can actually make artistic, creative products and projects yourself through easy to follow tutorials.




FAQ’s ummm… well… WITYMAM (What I Think You Might Ask Me)

So who called you Fancy momma?

Well, I did. Because I’m a momma and I think I’m fancy! Just so you don’t think I’m delusional, some people have told me so… ok maybe it is more accurate to say that they agreed when I said I’m a fancy momma.

What’s your real name?

Queti Azurin. My first name is Queti pronounced as KE’- ti.  Oh yeah, I have been called Katy as in Katy Perry, Cathy, Queenie, Kitty, Kwitee, Kate and Cutie ( seriously I’m too old for that adjective, I don’t mind gorgeous though ) And I’m not even talking about how Starbucks spells my name on my cup but how new people I meet say my name. I honestly don’t mind when people make that mistake I just sometimes have to spell my name and pronounce it so they understand it’s not the standard name. But the worst one was when I used to receive a subscription and my name was spelled P-u-e-t-i. Oh that one letter mistake made all the difference. You see, in my native vernacular when you pronounce the first 4 letters, it refers to the butt. Who wants to be called that ey!

When did you start doing arts and crafts?

Ever since I was young I enjoyed doing arts and crafts. Way before the terms upcycling and repurposing became acceptable words, I loved creating stuff out of old or used things. Just to give you a clue how far back that was, Google was not a word in that era nor was it even birthed. I called it recycled art but now we can call them upcycled and repurposed items or craft. Creating and making stuff is oxygen to my system really.

Do you teach?

Teaching is such delightful endeavor for me so I have taught craft workshops as well and I will continue to do so at every opportunity I get. And I love sharing what I know so this blog will be a great platform to teach and share to the rest of you guys.

Who do you think you are?

I am hoping that when you ask me that it ends with a question mark and not with an exclamation point and that if it is all caps, I should be wary, right?

I was born and raised in the Philippines and now live in Canada with my awesome husband and wonderful and talented daughters.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

I am a visual artist and my favorite medium is sawdust.

I am a Graphic designer.

I move my butt – my work.

                        I LOVE…

  • brewed coffee, I get a headache if I don’t drink one
  • to laugh, you can easily make me laugh
  • creative minded, optimistic, funny, hilarious and energetic people
  • reading and learning
  • sunshine and trees
  • children’s storybooks and great illustrations
  • Casey Abrams and Post Modern Jukebox
  • super love the tambourine guy from PMJ. Seriously, the tambourine never sounded so good and never looked so good ’til he held it! You know what, it’s not even the tambourine…it’s him…oozing so much joyful energy, it’s contagious!


                        I DO NOT LIKE…

  • Negative people full of angst about life
  • Sad movies
  • Mess!!
  • Trash music (the cookie monster sounding genre)…
  • Rats! Or any animal that resembles it .I like to thank my hubby for putting up with me on this. This is really a phobia passed on from my ancestors.


                                 I NEED TO…

  • exercise!!!
  • learn how to take a power nap
  • publish my children’s storybook. I have made several stories for my children when I wanted to teach them a lesson or to avoid being a nag on things they needed to do.
  • do so many things in my to do list like wash those floor mats in the basement


Now that you know me a little better, let’s have coffee, chat and do projects!

After, maybe you wanna hop on over to my art gallery online. See you there!


Email me at queti(at)fancymomma(dot)com


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