DIY- How To Make Craft Moss In Clay Pots Home Decor

craft moss in clay pots
craft moss,clay pots diy,home decor

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Spring is here and green is back. Green is the new black after winter you know. But the thing is I really don’t have a green thumb, plants do not thrive under my care. I guess I have a black thumb! My friend said that growing plants may just not be my thing.

Craft moss in clay pots is the answer to my not so green thumb.

So to put some kind of green vibe in the house I made this DIY using craft moss or artificial moss in clay pots.

Materials you will need are :

Craft moss or floral moss or artificial moss
Glue gun
Clay pots
Old newspaper
Acrylic paint
Masking or scotch tape


I grabbed whatever clay pot I could find in the house and I found some that my daughter playfully painted on last summer that she does not care about anymore. Which meant I could use it for this DIY.

craft moss,artificial moss,clay pots,diy,tutorial,home decor



You can paint your clay pots any color you like but as for me I wanted to make them white so I used acrylic white paint.

white paint,craft moss,clay pot,diy



After the white paint had totally dried, I got some old newspaper and crumpled a sheet and squeezed it into the clay pot.

crumpled old newspaper,craft moss,floral moss,clay poy,diy



Then I got about three sheets and folded them up together forming a round shape. You can manually shape the newspaper to a round shape. Get the diameter of the clay pot’s opening, then add an inch more and that must be the diameter of your folded up round newspaper. On the side where the edges of the sheets meet, tape it down with a masking tape or scotch tape.

old newspaper,craft moss,clay pot,diy

newspaper,craft moss,clay pot,diy



Now insert this round shape into the clay pot but do not put in the whole thing. Just place in the edges and make a dome shape.Try it out and check if it works so you can make adjustments if you need to before gluing the craft moss.

old newspaper,craft moss,clay pot,diy


You can buy craft moss or floral moss or artificial moss in most craft shops. Dollar store also sells this.

craft moss,clay pot,diy



Making a craft with moss is messy.If you have a tray, it will be great to use it to catch all the moss. Guaranteed you won’t go crazy when it’s clean up time. Plug in your glue gun and press hot glue on the top of the round folded up newspaper. Grab some moss and press it onto the glue. Be very careful when you do this so your fingers do not get burned by the hot glue.

glue gun,craft moss,clay pot,diy

glue,craft moss, clay pot,diy



Once you have filled up the top round newspaper shape with moss, turn it upside sown and gently shake off loosely placed moss. You will then see some bald spots. just fill them in with glued moss.

glue gun,craft moss,clay pot,diy



Finish up all these moss clumps for however many clay pots you are making. Set that aside first and we will go back to the pots. Your painted pots will be completely dry by now. Choose uplifting words and hand letter the words on the pots using a pencil.

hand lettering,clay pot,craft moss,diy



I blended acrylic paint to make a dark gray but you can choose any color you like. Paint over the pencil outline. Do not fuss about not being able to follow the pencil outline. Perfectionists in the house, chill! You can erase the pencil marks that come out once the paint dries.

acrylic paint,hand lettered words,craft moss,clay pot,diy

love word, handlettered,craft moss,clay pot,diy

hand painted,craft moss,clay pot,diy


Craft Moss In Clay Pots Home Decor


As soon as the painted words are dry, you can now place the moss covered round newspaper shape.

painted pots,craft moss,clay pots,diy



Guess what… after doing these two clay pots, I found that two did not make a good set for me. I grabbed another pot from the basement and did another one.

When I was doing the third craft moss in a clay pot, my kids came in and I told them I was gonna put another word that I had in mind and they were sort’a surprised that I was not gonna use the third word that I usually use. You see, these three words- love,share and laugh- were the words I always used in whatever decor I DIYed for my kids’ room. But I was putting these moss clay pots in the living room. I gave in to the kids anyway, since these words resonated well with them.

hand lettered,painted pots,craft moss,clay pot diy


Craft moss in clay pots for some green in the home.

Voila! My some kind of green intro for spring…

craft moss,clay pot diy,home decor

craft moss in clay pots


You can totally rock this!


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