Craft Moss Wreath DIY

craft moss wreath diy

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I think that wreaths are flexible home decors because you can suit it to a theme or season by simply using certain materials and changing the treatment. This craft moss wreath diy suits fall and spring but if you hang it in summer, it still looks good. And this is an awesome gift idea.too. I’m actually making this as a gift.

Wreaths are lovely home decors, wanna make one?


Grab the following materials :

Faux or craft moss
Glue gun
Floral wreath foam
Felt ( two colors)
Acrylic paint
Twigs ( from your front and backyard )
Thread or craft wire


At anytime you use craft moss, expect it to be a really messy project. So if you are insanely a neat freak, take a deep breath.

craft moss wreath diy


Begin by filling up your floral wreath foam with craft moss by using hot glue. Be careful when using hot glue especially when you have to press the moss onto the base. You can choose to use a low temp glue gun if you’re not used to handling hot glue but since I have been using it this since its invention ( just a guess ) I used a high temp glue gun.

hot glue on floral wreath



Oh yeah, I still had a few “ouchies” and that means every now and then a small portion of glue touched my skin. That is ok, as a glue gun ninja, I have trained myself to retract my finger so quick and remove the glue from my finger in a blink of an eye. Really!

craft moss on floral wreath



I would often use a tray when I work with  craft moss. That way most of it gets contained in one area and it is much easier to clean up.

glued craft moss wreath

craft moss covered wreath

craft moss covered wreath diy


Easy peasy felt leaves.


Now, it’s time to work on the felt. Trace or draw leaves on the felt and cut them out.

felt leaves for craft moss wreath



It is up to you how many leaves you would want to put on your wreath. Once you’ve cut them all out, bring out any color of acrylic paint that will complement the color of your leaves. Then paint some lines that resemble the veins of leaves.

paint on felt leaves

painted felt leaves


Easy peasy felt flower making.



Use another color of felt for our felt flower. Cut the felt lengthwise about 1 1/2″ or 2″ wide.

cut felt flower felt



Hold the tip and begin to roll inwards to achieve the look of a flower. In the beginning, you may have to keep adjusting but you’ll get the hang of it.


felt flower making



When you reach the end of the felt, clip the edge while you get a piece of thread or craft wire to tie up the ends.

tie tip of felt flower

tie felt flower

felt flowers



Then we get back to the craft moss covered wreath. I just got my twigs from the front yard and you could do the same but make sure you choose shorter and slimmer but sturdy ones. Check first if they’re brittle, if they are toss them back.

twigs for craft moss wreath diy



This part is important, you have to map out where you want your twigs first. And you may want to cut short some of them.

placement of twigs for wreath



Bundle up the twigs and tie them up with brown thread to secure them together.

tie up twigs



At this point you should also map out the placement of your felt flowers and leaves.

place felt flowers and leaves on wreath



When you have decided on the placements, use hot glue to permanently place the leaves, flowers and twigs on the craft moss floral wreath.

glue twigs on wreath



Glue the leaves on top of the twigs where the glue is visibly thick. Then glue the flowers.



felt flowers leaves and twigs on wreath



One of the best part of any diy project is enjoying the finished product. Look it! I’m excited to give this as a gift.

craft moss wreath diy

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