Desk Organizer Diy Using What You Already Have In The House

gold glittered jars for desk organizer



I’ve been seeing a lot of gold office supplies lately that look so gorgeous. It’s so tempting to indulge but I have already set my desk theme to white and turquoise color accents. But I figured I can repurpose containers I have to make a gold desk organizer and give it to a friend.

I have several empty glass jars and a clear plastic container of Ferrero Rocher which seemed a great candidate for this diy and of course a jar of gold glitter.

But oh those gold office supplies…dreaming of them…okay, I’m awake now and I gotta stick to a budget here so I’ll just make an easy and budget friendly repurposed diy instead.



Glass jars
Plastic container
Gold glitter
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Painter’s tape
Gold washi tape



These were the glass jars and plastic container I used.

empty containers for desk organizer diy



First, clean the glass jars thoroughly and remove the label. Use a painter’s tape to wrap and tape over the containers. You can make any pattern you like.

tape on container for desk organizer diy

tape jar for desk organizer diy



For the other glass jar, I made a sort of checkered pattern with the tape and with the smaller jar I made square shapes on all sides.

painters tape on containers for desk organizer



Once you have placed the tape, apply a generous amount of Mod podge on the open areas. You can place some plastic food wrap on the table to protect it from the podge splatters.

apply mod podge on containers of desk organizer diy



Time to add some gold sparkle


Sprinkle gold glitter on the wet Mod Podge and allow it to dry.

put gold glitter for desk organizer diy

glittered container desk organizer

gold glittered glass jars desk orgainer diy



When the Mod Podge is dry, gently remove the tape.

remove tape on desk organizer

remove tape on jar for desk organizer diy



Now, apply Mod Podge on top of the gold glitter and all through out the jar and plastic container.

mod podge on glitter of desk organizer



Get some gold washi tape and wrap it around the glass jar lid.

gold washi tape for desk organizer diywrap lid with gold washi tape for desk organizer diy



You just have to wait for it to dry completely and you now have a gold sparkly desk organizer.

I meant to give this to a friend but when my daughter saw these, she claimed it hers so fast. That’s why diy is fun, you can make somebody else’s day sparkle!

glittered conatiners for desk organizergold desk organizer diy

gold glittered jars for desk organizer

You can totally rock this!



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