DIY- Distressed Coffee Table For a Vintage Feel

distressed coffee table diy
distressed-coffee-table-diydistressed,coffee table,vintage,diy,tutorial


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Lookin’ for a new look for your coffee table? Vintage feel…distressed furniture finish would be a great choice.


Let me show you how you can achieve a distressed look on your coffee table.

Here are the materials you’ll be needing for this project :

Coffee table
Chalk paint
Lint free cloth
Clear furniture wax
Liming wax ( Amy Howard brand )
Dust mask


I actually like this Scandinavian design coffee table and it looks real good in our living room but after some time I was itching to funk it up. I did not want to lose the clean lines so I just decided to give it a brighter color on the table top and do a distressed finish. Here is how you can do the same with your table and turn it into a distressed coffee table with a vintage feel.

coffee table, scandinavian, design



I am using the Indian Summer color of Amy Howard’s chalk paint. Boy, this has gone a long way… I have used this paint for a mirror, picture frame, the base of a dining table and I still have some left to use for my coffee table top! This is just an 8 oz. can. Woohoo! Well, the can was not as full as the picture okay. I grabbed that photo from my previous DIY. I just wanted to show the paint I used for the table. If there are no shops that carry this brand in your area, you may get it here, though only a bigger size is available.

amy howard, chalk paint



Two coats of the chalk paint looks like this.

distressed, coffee table, painted, chalk paint


Chalk paint is the best paint to use if you want furniture to look aged.


I then used Amy Howard’s liming wax. You can click this link to learn how I used the liming wax. You may also just prefer to leave the paint without the liming wax, that works,too. It will still look gorgeous.

Then I had to solve an issue. The thing is the foot of the legs have this brass clasp on it except on one. I don’t know where I could find or buy the exact replacement for it so I just removed all the metal leg support and painted the edges the same color as the table top.

coffee table, leg, foot

coffee table, leg ,tip temoved

coffee table, leg, tip, painted




You also need to paint the table top’s underside. You can paint it the same color but I chose to just paint it brown since it won’t be exposed at all. That allows me to save on the chalk paint.

coffee table, paint, brown latex

distressed, coffee table, paint, brown latex


This is how you make it look vintage or aged. Distress to de-stress…


At this point wear a dust mask. This is the fun part, sanding! Sand off edges and some top portions with sand paper. It is better to cut up the sand paper into smaller pieces so it is easier to manipulate as you sand any surface.


distressed,coffee able, sanding, sand paper

coffee table, distressed, sanded, sand paper, chalk paint



Be sure to sand the rest of the table top to smoothen it because the dried chalk paint tends to be textured.

distressed, coffee table, sanded, chalk paint

distressed, coffee table, sanding, sand paper



After distressing, wipe all the dust off and apply clear furniture wax with a lint free cloth. Buff it after a few minutes. You can buff it again the next day so it will look like this…

distressed, coffee table, waxed, buffed

furniture wax, coffee table, buffed

distressed coffee table diy



Because of all that work, it’s finally time to brew a cup of coffee and grab a book. Time to just chill in this cozy spot. This is the distressed coffee table with a vintage feel for sure.


distressed, coffee table, living room, chalk paint

You can totally rock this !

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