Diy Pouch-How To Make A Pouch From A Placemat

diy pouch how to make a pouch from placemat

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My daughter has been working on getting her recorder belt level up in school and she is now aiming for her purple belt. Last year, I made a felt pouch for her recorder and it is now looking so ratty that she asked me to make  new one for her.

I thought of using a woven placemat that I bought from the dollar store to make a new pouch. I even embroidered a treble clef on it and it turned out great.

Both my daughters are very musical and I must say, they both have a natural talent for it. No, I did not pass that onto them. I wish I could claim the glory but they got it from my husband. Oh hang on, you know what they also got that from my side of the family. My mom is very musical and sings very well, my brother is a musician and musical arranger and my grandfather was an opera singer.

I know I should stop all this who-got-the-best-genes analysis and get on to sharing with you the latest tutorial.

Get all these materials :

Woven placemat


Let’s make a pouch.


Get some woven placemats or even fabric types will work.

woven placemat



For this tutorial, I’ll be using the purple placemat and I will cut the size to fit a recorder. You may pattern the size of your pouch to an existing pouch or size it to how big or small you would like it to be for your need. I know it might necessarily be for a recorder case but the process will be the same for any kind of pouch you like to make.

cut placemat for pouch diy



Fold the placemat in half and cut a piece away for the flap. Make sure that the length of the flap can be folded in half equally.

cut for flap placemat to pouch diy



Sketch the image or pattern you would like to embroider on the front side using a crayon. This is the side where you have the extended size for your flap. If your placemat is fabric, you can use a fabric chalk or pencil for the outline.

sketch with crayon on placemat



Now, you can start to embroider over your outline. Use any color you like. It would be best to use a contrasting color so it gives the pouch a pop of color and more of that handmade look.

green thread for pouch




Time to do some embroidery


stitch over treble clef on placemat




I know it takes a bit of time to embroider but it will look so rad, trust me.


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You can now stitch the ends to close. Do a blanket stitch all the way around and stop where the flap begins.

blanket stitch on the ends


embroidered treble clef on placemat



Cut up a piece of  velcro and sew the other piece onto the pouch.

velcro for pouch


sew velcro to pouch



Now, fold the flap in half and sew the other piece of Velcro.

sew velcro to flap



You can then stitch up the edges of the flap doing a blanket stitch again.

sew flap edge to close



Diy pouch from a placemat is rad!


Wasn’t that a more productive use of time instead of wasting away time on Netflix! On second thought, we all need some no brainer Netflix binge from time to time.


Look at this pouch. How did yours turn out? I’m pretty sure it looks great. If you like another idea on how you can repurpose a placemat, check out this table runner diy tutorial.

diy pouch how to make a pouch from placemat


diy pouch how to make pouch from placemat

You can totally rock this!


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