Easter Décor Diy

easter decor diy

I frantically made this Easter décor diy almost on the last minute. But sometimes time pressure has a way of squeezing out creative juices and I think I came up with an adorable Easter décor and craft you can make with your kids.

Easter is celebrated by my family. My maternal grandmother was big on tradition and she would have all 7 of her siblings and their children and in-laws celebrating occasions together. One of which was Easter egg hunting and all of us cousins just loved it.

I remember back in the day, there weren’t these plastic eggs yet, and we would hunt for real painted boiled eggs. When we became older plastic eggs came about and one of the tweaks my Uncle did was to not hide the eggs but he exposed all these bright colored plastic eggs.

In the beginning we whined about it and said that it wouldn’t be exciting at all to hunt for eggs we’ve already seen. Guess what, it was a blast! We had time to go around to try to scout and remember where the eggs were and on my Uncle’s go signal we would all rush and race to get as much eggs. That’s where the thrill and panic came from, when we got to the spot where we knew the eggs to be someone else would’ve gotten there ahead to snatch away the egg so we would rush to the next spot.

Just reminiscing a bit there and now let’s get right on to the craft.



Empty cardboard juice or coffee canister ( the thick cardboard type )
X-acto knife
Acrylic colored paints
Plastic egg
Glue gun
Painter’s tape


First, clean the canister well. I used a powdered juice canister.

juice canister for easter decor diy




Draw a bunny on paper and cut that out. You can also just grab any bunny clipart and print it if you’re not comfortable drawing one.

bunny drawing for easter decor diy

cut out bunny outline for easter decor diy




Use painter’s tape to position and hold your paper template onto the canister.

tape template for easter decor diy




Trace the bunny template on the canister with a pen.

trace bunny template for easter decor diy




Carefully cut away the outside portion of the bunny outline using an X-acto knife. Do not rush this part so you do not accidentally cut yourself.

cut outline of easter decor diy




Leave about 2 1/2 inches in height from the bottom of the canister, all the way around. Do not cut away this part.

bunny cut out of easter decor diy




If you can remove the label then I suggest removing it before drawing the outline. I’m so smart. I thought that the label was printed on the canister and I didn’t notice there was a paper label attached to it. Oh well, there are days I feel like Einstein… when he’s asleep.

bunny cut out for easter decor diy





Now, paint the bunny décor with white acrylic paint.

paint bunny white for easter decor diy

white bunny for easter decor diy



Then draw the details with a pencil.

draw bunny face for easter decor diy




Use colored acrylic paints to paint over the details of the face. You can use sharpies for the finer lines.

paint bunny face for easter decor diy




Draw two bunny paws on the cardboard leftover from the canister and cut them out.

cardboard paws for easter decor diy



Paint the paws with white acrylic and paint some details.

painted bunny for easter decor diy



When it dries, use a glue gun to attach one plastic egg to the inner portion ( the unpainted part ).

glue egg on easter decor diy




Attach one paw to the side of the bunny face using a glue gun. Then do the same with the other paw, making it reach the edge of the other paw.

glue paw on canister for easter decor diy

glue other paw for easter decor diy




Then paint the bottom part all the way around with any pattern and color you like.

paint bottom of easter decor diy

chevron pattern on easter decor diy

easter decor diy

Easter Décor


All you have to do now is get some more eggs and place it in the bunny and you can set it up any place you want in your home. Happy Easter!

easter decor diy

easter decor diy

easter decor diy

You can totally rock this!

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