Ikea Hack- How To Turn A Placemat To A Minimalist Wall Clock Diy

minimalist wall clock diy

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If you own this round woven placemat made of water hyacinth from Ikea, called Soare, then you’re in for some hack. You can transform that into a minimalist wall clock. Why not, right?

If in case you don’t have this, you can hop on to Ikea anytime and grab one of these so you can join me in making this clock diy. Or you might have something lying around at home close to this type. I’m all for repurposing and upcycling and we can get on with this super easy wall clock diy.


Round woven placemat
White acrylic paint
Clock mechanism
White rope
Paint chip or small piece of cardboard
Glue gun



This is how the placemat looks like.


round ikea woven placemat



The first thing you want to do is find the center of the placemat and bore a hole on it for the clock mechanism. I used a screwdriver but you can use anything that will do the job. It’s fairly easy to make a hole because the material is not a tightly woven fibre.


hole at center of minimalist wall clock diy




Next, you want to trace the clock mechanism’s body on the placemat. I actually just dismantled the clock mechanism from a wall clock in my room that I didn’t want to have in my room anymore.


trace clock mechanism




You now have to thin out that square section just by carving out the fibre. That part has to be thinner so the attachment for the clock hands can fit. I just used a screwdriver that was already beside me anyway and scraped out the material.


carve out space for mechanism of minimalist wall clock diy




Use tacky glue and attach the clock mechanism.


tacky glue for mechanism of minimalist wall clock diy




To make provision for how to hang the clock, just cut up a string and make a knot on both edges. Cut up 2 rectangular pieces of paint chip or cardboard and attach them onto the back side of the placemat using hot glue, with the string in between it.


string on back of minimalist wall clock diy




Then use white acrylic paint and paint all over the front side of the mat. I say front because I didn’t paint the other side but you can if you want to make the front and back white.


paint the front white of minimalist wall clock




Once the paint is dry, you can mark the spot representing the 12, 3, 6, 9 of the clock with a pencil. Use a ruler and align it at the center of the placemat.


mark time spot on minimalist wall clock diy




Get some white rope. Cut 4 pieces of 3” length rope.


cut up rope for minimalist wall clock diy




Use glue gun to attach the white rope on the pencil marks you made earlier.


hot glue on marks for minimalist wall clock diy




Place the 3″ length rope carefully. Hot glue is hot ,you now. I’ve learned through the years how to quickly flinch and scrub the hot glue off of my skin in a blink. For real!


glue rope on minimalist wall clock diy




Cut up rectangular pieces from a paint chip or even from cardboard.


cut up paint chip for minimalist wall clock diy




Attach the rectangular pieces on the edge of the white rope using glue gun.


attach cut up piece to minimalist wall clock diy




Use a black marker pen and draw a dot at the edge of the rectangular piece.


marker pen dot on minimalist wall clock diy



Minimalist Wall Clock


If you can tell time to an almost bare clock, then you’re done with this diy, baby. This is how it will look like.


minimalist wall clock diy




But the thing is I couldn’t stop from here because I just remembered that my hubby does not like a clock that does not have markings on them. I would’ve been alright telling time with no markings but I don’t want him to whine about this diy that might end up in our room.
Here is what I did.


I attached the hands of the clock and wound it by the hour and marked it with a pencil and ruler on the edge of the placemat.


mark spot on minimalist wall clock diy




Then I cut up rectangular pieces again and attached them with glue gun.


glue paint chip cut outs on minimalist wall clock diy




And that’s it. So happy about this diy and I hope you have fun making this one, too. In case you’re not leaning into the minimalist style, I have a great Boho Wall Clock Diy that I think you might love to do.


minimalist wall clock diy


minimalist wall clock diy


You can totally rock this!


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