Ikea Hack-Sharpied Alarm Clock Diy

ikea hack sharpied alarm clock diy

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I recently bought my daughters an alarm clock and they particularly said they wanted the same one my hubby and I have which is from Ikea. Then my youngest daughter asked me to decorate her alarm clock and suggested I use her Sharpies. It came out real nice so I did the same for my older daughter’s alarm clock.

School starts in a week and my kids requested an alarm clock for each of them. They sleep in a bunk bed so two alarm clocks were not necessary but hey if it will ring twice in a row, that should wake them up! I used to be the one to wake them up for school and if you’re a parent you know it is such a TASK to get them out of bed early in the morning. I will have to see if these alarm clocks will be deemed useful. They turned off their alarm clock the other day and went back to sleep! Duh!


So if you are making these for the kiddos, it is not a guarantee that they will get out of bed, that I guarantee! You just need:

Colored Sharpies ultra fine point ( or any permanent marker )
Plain white alarm clock  ( Vackis alarm clock from Ikea)
Happy mood
Some music in the background ( ‘was listening to Jazz and Big Band while I did this diy…just sayin’…if you like to listen to metal or grunge that will be ok )


If you’re getting it from Ikea, it’s their Vackis alarm clock. So happily lay out all the Sharpies you have and decide on the color combinations you like to use.

alarm clock ikea hack sharpied alarm clock




Use a pencil and make the outlines first. I grabbed a shirt from my daughter’s closet with some tribal print for inspiration. You can scout around your house to get ideas for prints or maybe you already have a favorite pattern. My eldest daughter likes chevron so I just did a chevron pattern all over her alarm clock.

tribal print ikea hack sharpied alarm clock diy

pencil outline ikea hack sharpied alarm clock diy

Ooohhhh now it’s time to play and have fun… follow your pencil outline with your sharpies. Although some of the designs I did freehand.

sharpie on alarm clock

sharpie design on ikea alarm clock

sharpie art on ikea alarm clock



So now, design some pattern on the front, too.

front pattern ikea alarm clock



Wakey wakey! Pancakes are waiting!



Here is how the alarm clocks turned out to be…

front face ikea alarm clock

printed ikea hack sharpied alarm clock

patterned sharpied alarm clock


There you go… sharpied  Ikea alarm clock all set to ring! So preeetyyy!

chevron ikea hack alarm clock

You can totally rock this!


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