How To Make A Key Holder Using Frame Corner Samples

key holder diy

Do you know there is a smart way to use those painting frame corner samples? You can use them as a decorative key holder.


I went to Arts Junction and I saw several painting frame corners. You know those that hang as samples in frame shops. I got a few knowing I could find some use for it at some point. I felt pretty challenged how I could possibly repurpose it.


Well, that time has come.


I have moments when I get this itch to repurpose and upcycle which I find real exciting. And in one of those times I saw the painting frame corners again in the craft room and I’m like “What can I do with you?hmmm…”


Here is what came out of that itch.


Key Holder



3 pcs Frame corners
Wood glue
30″ long, 2″ wide thick cardboard
Chalkboard paint
Chalk stick
Painter’s tape


This is a fairly easy diy but it may take a few days to actually finish the key holder because of the wait time for the wood glue and the cure time for the chalkboard paint.

These were the frame corner samples I had.



First, use wood glue over the edge of the frame and connect that to another frame. Use painter’s tape to hold it together in place and leave overnight for the wood glue to dry meanwhile you can move on to making the body using cardboard.




The next day, you can glue the other corner frame and do the same process. This is how I taped the frames in place.

taped corner frames of key holder diy



Make the Arrow Body


I know in the materials list I put  thick cardboard because that is what you can actually use. What I used was this piece or part of this window blinds we have at home ( wood finish but it’s really plastic) only because that is what I had in hand and there was no other use for it. It fell off while we were trying to hang the blinds. So I’m pretty sure you do not have this piece, unless the same thing happened to you, right. I kept it only because I thought we might have to place it back but in the end there was no need to.


Cardboard size is 30” long and 2” wide. Cut the cardboard’s edge and make it look like the vanes or feather of an arrow’s end part.

cut arrow shape for key holder diy




Next, use a chalkboard paint and paint this long strip all through out. Two coats will do but make sure to leave an hour gap in between coats. That’s the paint manufacturer’s instruction. I only painted one coat at the back since I will not be writing at the back.

chalkboard paint for key holder diypaint chalkboard on arrow for key holder diy



I wanted to use chalkboard paint so I could play around with words and change it every now and then. The chalkboard paint will allow for that. But if you want a more permanent marking, another way to do it is to just use black acrylic paint for the base and white paint for the words or letters.


When the frames are all glued together and dry, you also have to glue the long cardboard at the back side of the frame. And because my material was plastic I used the wood glue and again left it overnight. If you’re using cardboard, you can use hot glue or tacky glue.

glue arrow for key holder diytaped glued arrow on key holder diy




Next, when all that is dry, get a hook and place it at the center of the corner frame.

hook for key holder diyplace hook on key holder diy


Decorate with chalk


Oh the next part is fun. Get a chalk stick to decorate it and write “Remember me” on the body. Or maybe you want to write something else. The cure time before you can actually write on the chalkboard frame is 24 hours.

chalk stick design on key hoder diy


write on chalkboard key holder diy


Key Holder Diy


Finally, put some hooks at the back and hang it at the most convenient place in your home where the key holder will be easily seen. Now, that is a decorative and functional key holder. Watcha think?

key holder diy


key holder diy


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