DIY- How To Turn A Milk And Juice Carton To A Bird Feeder

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,diy


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Milk carton and juice carton can be upcycled and turned into bird feeders. So do not throw them just yet. Clean them up and store them for this craft/DIY.

If you are like me and my family and you enjoy watching birds, welcome them with bird feeders made from milk and juice carton.

I love watching birds. It is such sheer pleasure for me to see birds. I get really excited and I stare at them. When the birds fly by and rest atop a tree branch, I will take a closer look and there I am with a big smile on my face.

Where we used to live, we would leave pieces of bread outside our house so the birds would come by. And when they do, my kids and I and my hubby,too, will peek silently so we do not startle them away and just watch them until they fly away with the bread. The most amazing thing is if only one or a few came, in a bit a whole flock of them would come. It is as if they go and tell their clan “There’s bread over there! C’mon!.”

Right now, we stay in Winnipeg where it feels like winter is so long so spring is something to look forward to. When I hear the birds chirping again after winter, I am so happy. All through out winter we have the crows ( or are they ravens?whichever it is they are ), they do not chirp! Ever been with an annoying loud mouth, that’s how I feel they sound like.

So to welcome the other pretty birds, (obviously not the crows please!) and attract them to come by, I made bird feeders using milk and juice carton.

Ready to feed the birds with seeds from your upcycled milk carton and juice carton bird feeder?


Grab the materials listed and we are ready to rock this:

Milk and juice carton
Craft knife
Acrylic paint
Disposable chopsticks or bbq sticks

Start collecting your used milk and juice carton. Do remember to rinse the inside with water and drain before storing them for your future DIY. If you don’t you will find green and black aliens inside it as you cut through it. I swear! I cut one which apparently I forgot to rinse and boy was it eeewww!

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder diy



Outline the shape you want to cut out for the opening with a ball pen. I know you love gel pens but that  won’t work with this craft. The outer part of the carton is glossy and water resistant so ball pen works the best.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,diy,draw outline



Use a craft knife to cut through the carton following the outline you made.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,craft knife



Not that the birds will mind if their bird feeder  had a window or not but I thought it would look so cute ( or as my daughter would say  “Adorbs!”) to just place some window opening on the carton. So you can use the cut out and trace it on the other side of the carton then only cut through the top and bottom, then the center. I did this to two sides of the carton.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,window




If you want a round hole, you can use any  jar cover from your pantry.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,trace,jar cover

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,round,hole



If you want to make another round hole on the other side of the carton, measure the distance from the bottom of the carton to the first opening. Then follow that measurement as you trace another circle on the other side.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder, measure


Time to prime.


When you have made all the openings or holes on the carton, you are ready to prime them. Place a drop cloth to protect your table. You can use a water based primer or even chalk paint.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,prime,paint

milk carton,juice carton, bird feeder,primer



Here is the fun part, painting! First make an outline of the design you want on the carton using a pencil. If you just wanna go with the flow and see what you come up with once you hold the paintbrush and you do not want to follow an outline, that is just fine,too.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,draw,outline


You are really gonna get so excited as you paint the colors on the carton!



Prepare your colors. Use acrylic paint so you can easily wash it off your paintbrush or dilute paint with water.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,painting

milk carton.juice carton,bird feeder,painting,acrylic paint



Paint the bottom with black acrylic paint.

milk-carton,juice carton,bird feeder,black paint



I had to paint two coats for each paint color. Check how yours will come out and if you think the colors are not solid enough, paint another coat on it. I suggest that you finish painting all the background and outline in the colors that you choose, let it dry then you can do another coat if you wish. Here is how mine looked like…

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,painted

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,



I did two of these bird feeders and my kids painted one each,too. You can do this project together with your children. Now we need disposable chopsticks. You only need one chopstick for a bird feeder.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,chopsticks



Cut through the carton to make a hole for the stick using a craft knife. Slice an X mark on the spot you want to insert the stick through.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,craft knife



Then just poke through the X mark all the way through until the chopstick goes in.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,chopsticks



Measure the distance from the bottom using a ruler so you can mark the hole on the other side and poke the stick through on a straight path.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder, ruler,measure

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,chopsticks


Ready to string your bird feeder ?


Make a hole on the top of the carton where the string will go through. Use the craft knife and again slice through making an X mark at the center. Then poke the hole so it will open wider. Okay, I used a pencil and of course the lead and a part of the pencil broke. Nah ah ,not a very good idea so use something else that can bore through the hole. It did some good though, it still made a bigger and rounder hole.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder, craft knife

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder



I used sisal string because that was what I had on hand but you can use any kind of sturdy string. Then make a knot.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder


Roof anyone?

Your bird feeders are good to go from here but if you want to add like a roof for the bird feeder, here is how you do it. Just look for any box or carton then cut a shape a half inch bigger than the measurement of the top of your milk carton. You can also do as I did; I placed the top of my bird feeder on the folded section of my box carton and added half an inch extra then I cut the box.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,roof

milk carton-juice carton,bird feeder


I just flipped the carton roof over so I won’t need to paint because the box I used was colored and glossy on the front side.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,board roof

Use a glue gun to attach the carton roof on the bird feeder.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,glue gun

milk carton,juice,carton,bird feeder



It will be a bit tougher to make the hole, now that the top has become thicker from the carton roof so be very careful using the craft knife as you slice the X mark.

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder



The bird feeders my daughters made…

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,diy



Yoohoo!! Finally done. We were so excited to fill them in with bird seeds and hang them outside the house but Winnipeg decided to snow again. Seriously!! It is spring and has been spring for a while now. Oh well, Winnipeg is like a woman having her monthly period…so unpredictable and annoying at times…lol!

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,diy

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,diy

milk carton,juice carton,bird feeder,diy

milk and juice carton bird feeder


You can totally rock this!


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