Nursery Decor Diy- How To Make One With The Baby’s Name

nursery decor diy

I made a nursery decor for my niece who is about to give birth to a new baby boy. I can’t wait to see this bundle of joy. It’s a good thing that she already decided on a name so I used the name for this diy decor.

Babies are blessings and I adore these cuties especially those tiny feet. Can anything be cuter! Every life is significant and so are the names. Names hold meaning and weight and I think more and more parents nowadays are more conscientious in picking out a name.

A great nursery decor would include the baby’s name and this diy does that. This is a great decor you can do yourself for your own nursery or a wonderful gift you can make and give to your family or friends who are having a baby.



Picture frame standee 5″x7″ ( clear acrylic / plastic )
Colored print of letters
Colored felt
Wire, gauge 26
Glue gun

All set to make this Nursery Decor.


Get some plain clear acrylic picture frame standees.

picture frame standees for nursery decor



Begin by designing the letters for the name. Choose a fun font and add images on the letters if you wish and make sure they fit in a 5″ x 7″ base. A colored background would look much better. Then just print them out.

printed letters for nursery decor



Cut the print out to a 5″x 7″ size.

cut letters of nursery decor



Insert the prints through the picture frame stands.

insert printables of nursery decor



Draw balloon outlines on colored felt and cut them out. You need a pair to make one balloon piece because we will be gluing two pieces together.

draw balloons for nursery decor

felt cut outs for nursery decor



Cut about 5″ wire length and place that at the center of the felt balloon cut out. The tip of the wire should be placed at almost the edge of the felt.

wire for nursery decor

wire on felt for nursery decor



Apply hot glue and place the other piece of cut out on top, like a sandwich, and press so it gets glued together in one piece.


press felt together of nursery decor



Do the same to all the felt balloon cut outs.

hot glue on felt of nursery decor

press felt of nursery decor

wired felt balloons of nursery decor



Next, gather a bunch of wired balloons together and twist the wire around the center.

twisted wire for nursery decor

twined felt balloon of nursery decor



Some frames will have just one balloon and both end frames will have a bunch. Now, to attach these wired balloons to the back of the picture frame , you need to cut a rectangular piece of felt.

cut felt piece for nursery decor


Position the wire at the back of the picture frame and apply hot glue around the wire and then press the rectangular felt piece on it while the glue is hot. Do that for the rest of the felt balloons.

hot glue wire on frame of nursery decor

glue wire on frame of nursery decor



This nursery decor will definitely add a welcoming and celebratory feel to the room.

nursery decor diy


nursery decor diy

You can totally rock this!


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