DIY Home Decor- Pop Up Frames For A Pop Of Wow On Your Wall

pop up frames on wall
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Have a pop of wow on your wall.

Create frames with letters that pop-up from the frame to liven up your walls and make it look more interesting. A fun and easy craft and DIY .


Just grab the following

Wooden frames
Printed paper or scrapbook paper
Plain colored paper
Mod Podge
Paintbrush or foam brush
Glue gun or hot glue
Masking tape


Get some wooden frames and scrapbook paper with prints that you like or some print that will match the color theme or style of where you will hang these frames. For this project, I used some dainty floral prints in pastel colors because I was going to hang it in my daughters’ room.


wood, frames,diy



Cut up the correct size of printed paper to cover the front of the wooden frame, then glue it onto the frame. This can get tricky  because if you use ordinary glue, your paper will warp so I prefer to use Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the frame.




Words have power. Choose words wisely.

Think of some significant words you want showcased on the frame. I chose the words love, share and laugh. Choose a plain colored paper and do a freehand lettering of the word with pencil.

freehand,lettering,colored paper,


freehand,lettering,colored paper

colored paper, cut-out,letters



Cut out the word then trace that cut-out on a cardboard and cut the word out. The cardboard will help support the paper so it won’t be flimsy. Just grab a cereal or cracker box from your pantry or any cardboard you have at hand. Don’t glue the paper to the cardboard yet. You will be tracing and cutting the another piece of the same word on scrapbook paper.

letters,colored,paper, cut-outs,cardboard



Now, it’s time to use the scrapbook paper, make sure to trace the word and make it about 1/4 inch bigger. The trick is to estimate the 1/4 inch while you are tracing it. Then you can glue the words on the scrapbook paper. Again, I just used the Mod Podge to do it. Use and glue cardboard at the back of the word to make it sturdier which makes it have 3 layers in total.





Set aside the letters first at this point and work on how to hang the frame. Get some yarn and tie a knot on both ends. Cut some rectangular pieces from cardboard and place them on both sides at the back of the frame. Position the yarn at the center of the frame and form half a loop at the top. When all is placed in position, use a glue gun or hot glue to attach the cardboard and yarn to the wooden frame.

cardboard, yarn,materials

install,string,hang frame


Now, the trick that makes the letters pop up.

Cut rectangular pieces from cardboard and roll them up like a cylinder. Make it overlap to the other end and then tape it so it will hold together as shown in the picture. Make sure the thickness doesn’t show if you place them behind our word lettering cut-outs.

cardboard,cylinders,masking tape



Attach the cardboard cylinders at the back of the word lettering using a glue gun or hot glue. I suggest that you position the cylinders first and spread them out on the lettering making sure that it can stand in a balanced position. Then when all is set, glue gun the cylinders to the letters.

glue gun, hot glue




Once attached to the frame, the word will pop up this way…

lettering,pop-up frame




Pop Up Frames Home Décor

All that work produced such lovely and dainty pop-up frames for my daughters’ room.

pop-up,frame, love,letterring,cut-outs





I am so happy how this project turned out and I am all ready to set it up.

You can hang them horizontally or maybe side by side. You definitely now have a pop of wow on your wall. Have fun!

pop up frames diy



Here is a peek of how I hung them on the wall of my daughters’ bedroom…



You can totally rock this!

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