How To Repurpose A 3-Tiered Tray As An Accessory Organizer

repurposed 3 tiered tray
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Hors d’oeuvres and pastries are not the only stuff you can put on your 3 tiered tray.


If you own several of these, pick one that you least use and turn it into an accessory or bling bling holder/ organizer.

You already have most of these in your home so just place ’em all on your worktable :

3 Tiered tray
Olive oil
Contact paper with print / design

I have this 3-tired tray that I wasn’t really crazy about plus it became wobbly. Perfect candidate for repurposing!

3 tiered tray accessory organizer




If your tray is stainless steel then the best way to clean it is with vinegar. Place some vinegar on your lint free rag and wipe it all through out the stainless steel tray. Remember to also clean underneath the tray.

3 tiered tray accessory organizer




Then for the shine, use olive oil. Rub olive oil all over the stainless steel portion of the tray and slightly buff it.

3-tiered tray,olive oil, rub,stainless steel




Contact paper is a quick make over solution to a lot of different things.


I did not like the finish of the wooden support of the tray so I got some contact paper. I found this beautiful printed contact paper at the dollar store.

contact paper, 3-tiered tray, diy



Cut up pieces of it. Then I peeled off the paper backing on the contact paper so I can stick it onto the tray support. Make sure when you cut to leave about 1/4 inch extra so the paper can overlap.

contact paper, cut, diy

contact paper, peel, diy

contact paper, stick, tray support



If you have to buy contact paper, then choose a print that will match or complement a big portion of your home because definitely you will be using the rest of the roll for other DIYs.

Because the support was tapered and I did not cut it correctly, yah I know I got too lazy to measure properly. So I thought the genius that I am, I could estimate close to perfect. To solve this minor glitch, I just cut a small strip of contact paper and I placed it around the rod at the top and at the bottom to cover-up the wood that was peeping out. Smart eh!

contact paper, diy, 3-tiered tray

I also cut-up a circular shape for the top of the rod.

contact paper, diy, 3-tiered tray

contact paper, top, tray

So this was how it looked like after…

3-tiered tray, repurposed, stainless steel



But wait! There’s more… sounds familiar? I mean wait ’till you see how it was re-purposed…

Repurposed  3-Tiered Tray Accessory Organizer


TADA! Makes it easy to just grab some accessory before heading out. This now serves as a an accessory holder or organizer.

repurposed 3 tiered tray


You can totally rock this!


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