Learn To Make Shabby Chic Chalkboard Frames

shabby chic chalkboard frames
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Transform your old painting frames to shabby chic chalkboard frames.


Take out old painting frames just collecting dust in your storage and turn them into inspirational shabby chic chalkboard frames. Wake up to these motivational words while sipping your morning coffee.


I have these landscape paintings that I got for free but I really don’t fancy the artwork so I covered it here in the picture because I don’t want to offend the artist. Sorry, buddy. I got all 4 of them in different sizes because I liked the frame and I knew right away what I was going to do with them.

So if you have any framed artworks in your basement or in your storage just collecting dust then it is time to take them out and give them new life. Except ,of course, if it is an artwork that I made then in that case DO NOT follow this tutorial!!! DO NOT!


painting, frame, chalkboard         painting, frame, chalkboard, diy



Here are the materials you will be needing for this project :

Painting frame
Chalk Paint
Chalkboard Paint
Lint free cloth
Clear furniture wax
Dust mask


Buy some chalkboard paint. It comes in different tints,too, but for this project I got a black one. I used a mini paint roller and tray for this DIY. You can also just use a paintbrush.

black, chalkboard, paint, rust-oleum




First of all, take out the board from the painting frame and paint over it with the black chalkboard paint. Two coats will do. Remember to dry the first coat before applying the second coat.

chalkboard, paint, frame ,diy


Chalkboard paint and chalk paint are two different kinds of paint.


Chalkboard paint and chalk paint are two different kinds of paint. Chalkboard paint is paint you use to be able to write on it with chalk sticks and chalk paint is paint that gives a matte chalky looking paint on furniture. It is best used if you want to have a vintage or distressed look on a furniture piece. I bought an artisan chalk paint with a brand name Fat Paint and chose the color chalk white. You probably have this brand in your area but if not you can use any chalk paint brand.


white ,chalkpaint, chalkboard, frame ,diy



While you’re waiting for the board to dry, you can begin to work on the frame.

This is how the frame looked like when I stripped the painting and board out of it. Make sure you wipe the frame so it is free from dust and dirt before applying paint because if you don’t, you will embed the grime and dirt on the frame forever! haha!


chalkboard, frame, bare, plain




Place a drop cloth on your work table to protect it from spills and paint drops. I sometimes use an old worn out shower curtain, that works the same,too. Stir your paint thoroughly so you get to mix the part of paint that has settled at the bottom of the can. Because this paint is chalky, you may want to paint in a cross hatch motion. Do a brisk cross motion. Once the first coat is dry, you can paint the another coat with the same motion. Do the same to the back of the frame.


chalkboard, chalk paint, white, diy

chalkboard, chalk paint, white, frame, back



Get some sand paper and begin manually sanding sections of the frame until the previous color or layer of the wood shows up. I prefer to cut the sandpaper into smaller pieces because it makes it easier to manipulate especially if you have to work on crevices. You also need to use a dust mask so you don’t breathe in the dust from sanding.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can either sand off the paint deeply or on a medium scale to get that distressed look or vintage feel. I intentionally mildly distressed the look because that will go well with the design style of my home. If you want a rustic or shabby chic look and feel then by all means sand more sections and edges on a deeper scale.

chalkboard, frame, sanding, sandpaper

chalkboard, frame, sanded

chalkboard, sanded, sand paper



Make sure you remove all the paint dust that you sanded from the frame and then apply a clear furniture wax with a lint free cloth. The wax will seal and protect the painted frame. Apply just one coat of wax and allow it to sit for 5 minutes then buff it like you would shine a shoe. You will see a beautiful natural sheen on the frame. Allow the wax to cure for about 6 hours then you can buff it again.

chalkboard, furniture, wax, buff

cchalkboard, waxed, buffed



Place back the board that was painted with chalkboard paint … there you go… this is where it gets really exciting !! As much as the sanding was fun to do, too, you can now play with typography or draw since you have sort of a blank canvas.


chalkboard, frame, back, board

Your frame is now a shabby chic chalkboard frame.


chalkboard, frame, diy



Chalkboard frames all set for the next step.


I was able to shabby chic ( I am now using this term as a verb, maybe not good grammar but hey I’m sure you get me) 4 frames, two of which was the same size and the other 2 in different sizes. Here are more pictures to show how I distressed the chalk paint.


chalkboard, frame, wall, diy

chalkboard, frame',wall

chalkboard, frame, wall



And another one…


chalkboard, frame, distressed




I found a perfect bare wall in the house to hang these lovely shabby chic chalkboard frames.


chalkboard, frames, wall




I used colored chalk and wrote inspirational quotes. This is the part where you let yourself enjoy making hand-drawn letterings. Do not be too self-conscious with your handwriting but let this be a time to play around and appreciate hand lettering or simple handwriting because there is some raw beauty to it really. The beauty of these frames is that you can change them up every now and then because the chalk is erasable. I suggest quotes that can lift you up rather than negative words. I mean really would you like to see the word “loser” or “the earth is dying” while you’re sipping your coffee in the morning. Na ah!

Maybe you want to draw instead, these chalkboard frames will still look great.

You can also give this kind of diy a floral garland twist, learn how here. And if you still have a lot of chalkboard paint left ,you can try making this upcycled food tray home decor and a great wedding gift- love notes chalkboard.


My shabby chic chalkboard frames…


chalkboard, frame, lettering, bible,scripture

chalkboard, frame, lettering, bible scripture

chalkboard, frame, quote, inspiring



So I think I found the perfect spot because both my kids are facing these frames when we’re at the dining table. My kids pointed out their favorite quote and scripture on the wall.  I am definitely feeding their souls while their chowing down a tasty meal. Since I cooked it, it should have some taste… either good or bad.  Hey, at least I made a great looking diy!




You can totally rock this !

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