DIY- How To Make A Spring Inspired Monogram

spring inspired monogram diy

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Spring is a most awaited season especially if you live where I do where winter can be bitter cold. When green begins to show on the ground and on branches of trees, my heart smiles big time and well yeah I literally smile big, too. That means winter is over and the weather will just be awesome, I won’t need to wear layers and layers of clothes.

Bring the spring inside the home. I say that because I am not good at planting and sustaining the life of a plant. My cactus did not even last as long as it should! Why? I don’t know, I did not even sing to it.


Does the spring season inspire you?


Birds are chirping and the sun is bright, that alone is inspiring. So for a spring inspired craft, we will do a monogram diy.

This is so easy and inexpensive. Grab these materials :

Glue gun (hot glue)
Tile of faux plant
Wire edge ribbon 1 1/2″ wide
Craft knife


This is the tile of  faux plant I bought from the Dollar store and the wire edge ribbon. You can use any color you want for the ribbon.

faux plant tile monogram diy

ribbon for monogram diy



Use any cardboard, maybe from your pantry or a gift box like what I used here.

materials for monogram diy



I picked the first letter of my last name which is A. You can decide to use the initial of your first or last name or if you are giving it as a gift then the recipient’s  initial. Draw with pencil the letter on the cardboard. The ribbon is 1 1/2″ wide so measure your letter in the same dimension all through out.

draw letter monogram diy




Use a craft knife to cut out the inner part of the A…you know that triangular part

craft knife letter monogram diy



Then use scissors to cut out the full letter.

letter a monogram Diy




Use that letter cut out as a template to make another one to be used as a base later on.

template monogram diy


letters monogram diy




Next up, cut out pieces of cardboard measuring 3/4″ x  2″.

cut outs monogram diy




Then try to mold and fold in a rolling manner just so it can be shaped properly.

roll cardboard monogram diy


Plug in your glue gun.


When they are bent and shaped like a roll, use hot glue to attach the edges to make it a cylinder form.

hot glue monogram diy

cylinder cardboard monogram diy




Then attach those cardboard cylinders using hot glue again to one of the letter cut-outs. Position them in corners and center.

hot glue on letter monogram diy

cardboard cylinder on monogram diy



Attach the other letter using hot glue.

cardboard letter monogram diy

side view of letter monogram diy




Now we are ready to dress this naked letter. Grab your ribbon and cut enough length so you can cover the inner tip down to the bottom and top again. You will have to place hot glue at the edge of the cardboard and attach about 1/4″ of the ribbon.

ribbon on letter monogram diy



I figured it would be smarter to start from the inner tip, like the tummy of the letter A. That’s if you were doing that letter but whatever letter you’re workin’ on make sure you have enough length for coverage . Practice first how you will place your ribbon before applying hot glue.

hot glue around letter monogram diy

cover letter with ribbon monogram diy

ribbon wrapped monogram diy



You only need to completely cover with ribbon the side and the top. No need to cover the bottom because we will be attaching the monogram from the back to the faux plant tile. I bought my artificial plant tile at the dollar store but if you don’t find anything like it, you can maybe get this.

cover with ribbon monogram diy



Use hot glue to attach the letter to the faux plant tile.

attach monogram diy to faux plant




Yay! We are done. Easy diy that will spruce up your home in a blink. Blink blink! You can hang it up on your door…

spring inspired monogram diy


If you want it instead inside your home, I think it will still look gorgeous.

spring inspired monogram diy

You can totally rock this!


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