DIY- How To Make Tropical Fruit Theme Boxes

tropical fruit box diy

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I went down to the basement looking for gift boxes because I kind of felt like making something out of them. Honestly, I wasn’t sure yet. So I found two boxes that were quite sturdy. These came from a gift we received and I kept the box because…you know what I’m gonna say right? Yup, I knew I could use it for a DIY.

I remember that often times before I would stare at a blank canvas for quite a while before I would actually paint on it. Some creative ideas pop when you’re actually staring at the material on hand. It works for me.

So after staring at the boxes, I thought of making these tropical fruit boxes. So cute! Really! And I will teach you how to make it.


Tropical fruit boxes as a gift box or for keeping your stuff in them, either way, it looks super cute!


Grab these materials :

X-acto knife or Craft knife
Colored construction paper
Black permanent marker


Here are the boxes I worked with.

boxes for diy



Do a free hand drawing of a pineapple on the front of the box using a pencil. If you aren’t comfortable doing that maybe you can trace a clipart image of a pineapple.

draw pineapple on box

pineapple drawing on box


Add another tropical fruit like an orange and do the same.

draw orange on box



Then you need a craft knife or x-acto knife. Be very careful when handling sharp tools. We don’t want something red to color our pineapple do we? Carefully slice out the outlines of the pineapple. Be strategic, though, cut only the outline that will still hold the pineapple in place.

cut out outline tropical fruit box diy

cut outline tropical fruit box diy

pineapple cut out on box

cut out orange outline on box



Use a black permanent marker to outline the tropical fruits. Make it thick.

permanent marker outline on box



Then get some construction paper and choose the color you like.

construction paper for tropical fruit box diy

construction paper for box diy

Cut the construction paper to a size where it will slide through inside the box. Make sure that the paper size you cut covers all the parts of the fruits that were cut away. If you’re using two colors just glue them together. Then put glue all around the edges of the paper and slide it through.

slide paper inside box


Tropical Fruit Theme Boxes


Once the full size of the paper is inside the box ,press the edges of the paper towards the box where you have placed glue. After that, say hello to these cute tropical fruit boxes!

pineapple fruit box diy

orange fruit box diy



There you have it. Aren’t they super cute! You can use it as a gift box or a super cute container to keep your stuff organized.

tropical fruit box diy


tropical fruit box diy

You can totally rock this!


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