Diy-Learn How To Make A Wedding Monogram

wedding monogram diy

I wanted to make a wedding monogram gift for a good friend of mine who recently got married. She got married back in our home country and is now back in town. So the wedding is over but hey I can still give her and her hubby a gift as an expression of my joy that they finally got hitched. It’s quite a love story and I’m just so happy for her.

If you are attending a wedding soon or maybe you are a bridesmaid, then this diy is going to be a very thoughtful gift and gesture for the bride and groom. But if you are a the bride then maybe you can scheme up a subtle way to coax your bridesmaid to make one! Or anyone from your family would be glad to make this one for you really.

Oh please be choosy though. If you know that person attempted to diy a table and the legs stood like the leaning tower of Pisa then that is your cue to look somewhere else. I could be wrong. I show a step by step tutorial in making this wedding monogram so why don’t we give that person a chance, huh.


Picture frame
White chalk paint
Paintbrush , sponge brush
Craft moss
Glue gun
Glittered adhesive paper
Multi surface metallic paint or acrylic paint


Let’s do this :

  1. Use any size of picture frame . Paint the frame with white chalk paint.

2. Remove the frame backing and glass cover. Use the board inside the frame as your base but if it isn’t a board and it’s just a flimsy paper,    then get any board and cardboard you have in the house and cut it to the size of the inner part of the frame.

3. Use that board as your base for the craft moss. Apply hot glue in one section and press a bunch of craft moss while glue is still soft and hot. Be very careful when handling hot glue. What I suggest you do is grab a bunch of craft moss so it acts as a buffer between your fingers and the hot glue. Do a quick heavy dab on the moss when you’re attaching it to the board because if you press hard and long, you might burn your skin from the hot glue.

4. Fill up the board with craft moss. Once the whole are is covered, turn it upside down and shake off the excess moss. Grab and remove stringy parts and loose moss. At this point you will find bald spots, from areas where moss didn’t attach well enough on the glue. Just find those spots and glue moss on them.

5. Now, jump back to the frame. Use a metallic acrylic paint and use a sponge brush and dab the paint all over the frame. Do not make a full coverage paint. When that is dry, paint over the two short sides of the frame and do a full coverage.

6. When paint is thoroughly dry, get sand paper and sand off the frame. Apply extra pressure on certain portions and corners of the frame so some paint peels off. That way you can achieve an aged look on the frame. If you do not want this look, then skip step 5 and 6 and just retain a plain white paint. But you still have to sand the frame to smoothen it if you used chalk paint.

7. Wipe the chalk dust from the frame and then place back the craft moss board and the frame backing.

8. Choose a font you like and print the initials of the bride and groom or the newly weds.

9. Cut out those letters and trace them on a cardboard. Cut out the letters. Then use that cut out to trace the letters on a glittered adhesive paper. Use the back side of the adhesive paper to trace the letters, making sure you trace the opposite side if the letters. Cut those out and now you can peel off the backing of the adhesive paper and attach it to the cardboard cut outs.

10. Position those letters on the craft moss. Then use hot glue to attach them to the framed craft moss.

11. Stretch your arms and grab a cup of coffee because you are done. Yay!

wedding monogram diy

You can totally rock this!

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